> Segment Mold
Advantage: Segment type molds is the high-class molds, which is used to produce radial tire. This kind of mold is produced by technical cooperation with a mold company in Japan. We have many kinds of segment type molds, such as 8-division molds, 6-division molds of full tread area type and 5-division molds of half tread area type (top & bottom mold). We own the completed and mature technique to produce molds according to the request of our customers.
Applied: Suitable for light truck tires, truck & bus tires, passenger tires.
Production range: Under 1500 mm of outside dia. of tire molds.
Segment mold for Re-tread tire

Container & 8 division type mold of T/B

6 Division type mold of T/B

5 Division type mold of T/B